Be Fashionable With The Cotton Scarves!

Spring season return again. Here at Nyjewelryscarf, we’ve got all kinds of fashion accessories and trendy scarves wholesale for you to choose from. Take a look at our whole new website to view our entire collection of stylish, elegant and cost saving items.

Spring cotton scarves wholesale Singapore

These abstracted design cotton scarves for Sprint season features multiple colors for selection.

It can be a great fashion accessory to add to your daily wardrobe. Made of quality cotton material, right suitable for this comfortable season.

This versatile scarves can be used as normal neck scarf to decorate your keep your clothing, also it can also beused as a neckerchief to help absorbing sweat to keep you body cool all the time.

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Enjoy Winter Season Holiday with Solid Color Warm Scarves

Enjoy the winter season with our warm scarves wholesale!

All of our scarves are made of high quality materials, and you are assured that you will not only look fashionable, but you will always look gorgeous at any time you wear one.

Long Tassels Polyester Scarves in Solid Colors

Long Tassels Polyester Scarves in Solid Colors

Made of 100% polyester material, durable and quick drying. This versatile scarf features bright solid colors and long tassels, it can be used and styled in lot’s of ways.

Solid color polyester scarves neck warmer wholesale

This lovely solid color polyester scarves neck warmer is available in selection of many brilliant colors

Made of 100% polyester material, great to wear during those chilly days, you can simply make a knot or drape it around your shoulder for a casual and fashionable look.

Here at Nyjewelryscarf, we’re offering hundreds of fashionable, beautiful and affordable scarves just right for you.

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Keep Your Body Warm With Warm Scarves In This Winter Season

For gals looking for fashionable and trendy scarves wholesale at affordable prices, Nyjewelryscarf is the right place for you. We’ve got hundreds of quality winter scarves which will keep you warm and comfortable while looking stylish and trendy. Visit our site to view our careful collection of winter scarves and other fashion accessories for your girlfriends, and sisters.

Look quality wised and stylish with this beautiful and new fashion designed polyester scarf / wrap. Made of high quality polyester material, designed to keep you warm and comfortable while wearing it outside in the cold and winter season.

You can normally wrap it around your neck, that’t the most common way, and also, you can try to drape it on your shoulders for much more casual and chic look. To maximum match the scarf, it would be a good idea to pair it with jeans and light colored coat for a trendy and confident look.

At Nyjewelryscarf, we always provides all kinds of fashion scarves that will keep you trendy, stylish and in fashion. Just have visit and check our site.

Express Your Truly Emotion With Our Hot Selling Scarves

Nowadays, the speed of life are getting quicker, the living stress we taken are also becoming heavier. People need to express themselves.

There’re a lot of methods to express, how about to use a scarf? Scarves wholesale can perfectly represent what people would feel in a specific situation, sometime you may feel excited, and sometimes, you will feel nervous and upset, but after all, you’d better to stay calm, and elegant from the surface. You can use it anytime and anywhere, these beautiful scarves will perfectly keep you warm and shining.

Take a look following two gorgeous scarves we picked, they’re perfect for the winter season.

Grape color cotton scarves wholesale

Grape color cotton scarves wholesale

Made of cotton material, it is soft but strong and durable. This beautiful scarf can be used as a neck scarf. It also can be used as a bag scarf to add new style and glamour to your clutch bags.

Winter Pashmina scarves shawls

Red pashmina winter scarves / shawls

This red pashmina winter scarves is such great to calm and relax the nerves while the abstracted dot print pattern attracting attention at the same time.

You can wrap it around your neck to keep your body warm from the chilly winds in winter season while adding color and fashion to your everyday outfits.

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Welcome the Winter Season With Our Quality Scarves

The winter season is already upon us. As always, the days are growing shorter and the nights turning longer. To keep our body warm and comfortable, it is time to put on more clothes. In the mean time, we still need to keep ourselves trendy and fashionable looking, at Nyjewelryscarf, we have especially got varies of winter scarves wholesale that will keep you feeling warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter season.

Here we’d like to show you two classic and fashionable Winter Scarf, the great choice for this winter season.

Striped Handmade Winter Scarf 100% pashmina

100% Pashmina Striped Winter Scarf

This Striped Winter Scarf is made 100% Pashmina. Wrap it around your neck to protect you from the chilly breeze while adding glamour and color to your daily outfit.

Dotted Winter Pashmina Scarf

Red & Black Dotted Winter Scarf

Made of pashmina material, warm and durable. The black and red dots add fashion style and elegance to your outfit while keep you neck and body warm from the chilly breeze.

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Tuesday Pick: Fashionable Womens’Scarves For This Winter Season

Long time no updating on our blog, but we never stop our steps providing our customers the most fashionable and trendiest scarves. Here we are. Today, you might wanted to see this new fashionable wholesale scarf we picked for you.

Winter season womens lightweight scarf

Fashion Women’s Lightweight Scarf

Made from high quality polyester material, it has a smooth and soft touch feeling. It also features special designed fashionable patterns, these scarves would definitely shining the eyes and enhance anyone’s personality.

You can use it as a normal should scarf to add glamour to your daily dress or as a neck wrap to keep your neck warm when walking at chilly night.

At Nyjewelryscarf, you can casually surf your heart and freely sourcing the trendiest, most fashionable scarves wholesale here.

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Start The New Week With Our Hot Selling Pendant Scarves

Tired of the standard common scarves to decorate your outfits? Why not try something new and trendy you never experienced?  At Nyjewelryscarf, we’re supplying hundreds of excellent pendant scarves wholesale and accessories. You will look gorgeous and stylish wearing them, and keep you warm and comfortable at the same time.

Long Viscose scarves with metal heart

Gold Heart Pendant Viscose Scarf

The scarf is such a versatile and fashion scarf for any purposes. With its attached gold rings and heart shaped pendant, it can be a perfect neck scarf to add glamour and elegance to any outfits.

Made of viscose, it is lightweight but durable and quick drying. It’s simple to wear, just drape it around your shoulder like a neck tie.

Black jewelry scarve with cross-shaped jewelry

Black jewelry scarve with cross-shaped jewelry

This scarf can be ideal since it is autumn season now. Like the picture shown, you can wear it as a simple neck scarf, but there are also other ways to wear. You just need to follow your thought and create some new and stylish looks.

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New Round Scarves Shopping Season at Nyjewelryscarf

As you know, scarves are such versatile and durable clothing accessories, it’s not only because they can keep you warm, but also they’re able to make you looks beautiful and fashionable at the same time. Below are some trendy scarves we favorite that you might want to see.

Spot & Floral Print Chiffon Scarf

Spot & Floral Print Chiffon Scarf

This fashionable and beautiful Polka Spot & Floral Print Chiffon Scarf is such a master piece. You can see the vivid floral print over the bottom and the lovely spot on the top area.

With its elegant and trendy style, it’s been one of the hottest selling scarf wholesale.

Made of chiffon material, it is durable and can be quickly dried. They are suitable for any occasion, for sure, they can add new elegance and glamour to your outfits.


“Thank you for your excellent scarf, my customers love them very much!!!”

Reviewed by: CLAIRE from U.S.A.

Brown Abstracted Design Pashmina

Here is another great piece of art, we guaranteed this Brown Abstracted Design Pashmina will let you down.

Made of quality pashmina, not only its unique looks can make you shining, but also the pashmina can keep you warm in cold days in the coming winter season. You can use it as a standard neck scarf or a shawl to add glamour to your dresses.

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Enjoy Autumn Season With Our Pashmina Scarves

As the autumn season go deeper, the days comes shorter while the nights becomes longer, of course, the weather are becoming colder. For preparing the much colder winter season, people begin to look for related winter season clothes and fashion accessories. Today, at Nyjewelryscarf, we’d like to recommend our two fashionable and quality scarves wholesale at great prices.

Mixed Colors Animal Print Pashmina Scarf / Shawl

Mixed Colors Animal Print Pashmina Scarf / Shawl

This luxury and quality pashmina scarf / shawl features mixed colors animal prints. Made of 100% pure pashmina material, lightweight and breathable, you will feel greatly comfort to touch it.

Wear it as a standard neck scarf to protect you against the chilly wind at nights, you can match it with any color gloves or other fashion accessories. With its shining mixed colors, you will surely catch great attention from crowds.

100% Pashmina Warm Shawls Scarves For Autumn Season

 100% Pashmina Warm Shawls Scarves For Autumn Season

The 100% pashmina shawl now is hot selling at our site. Made of quality pashmina , durable and soft, easy to wash and care for. With simple twist and turns, you can easily create different styles.

If you don’t have much the time to decorate your hairstyle or clothing fashion, then these scarves can be the great choices. For more pashmina scarves option, please visit our site at Nyjewelryscarf.

Welcome New Autumn Season With Cotton Scarves

Attention! The autumn season is coming, beautiful blue sky, cool air, nobody will not like them, the autumn season always brings in fantastic scenery while the falling leaves combined with the soft breeze brings in silent memories. Whatever the season is, at Nyjewelryscarf, we always bring you excellent scarves to keep you warm while letting you look beautiful.

Mixed Colored Plaid Check Design Cotton Scarves NY

Mixed Colored Check Design Cotton Scarf

Made of 100% cotton material, tens colors mixed with check design will never let you down, you will enjoy wearing this precious cause they are so nice looking to get attraction from crowd.

Take it as a neck scarf to keep warm in chilly days while creating a casual daily look. Or use it as shawl for a formal evening event to show your nobleness.

2013 Autumn Cotton Ladie’s Scarf Wholesale

Tassels Cotton Scarf Europe

If you feel blue someday, how about to let this luxurious and charming Tassels Cotton Scarf Europe cheer you up. The mixed beautiful and artistic designs reminds people of the elegance and silence, and they are suitable to all age ladies.

Made of cotton material, you can just use it as a neck scarf to keep you warm during the chilly days, or as a shawl when you go to attend a formal event.
Take your pick at our wide selections of cotton wholesale scarf at Nyjewelryscarf.